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Anguè Anguè Lost In The Funfair
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AW 2020
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100% Organic Cotton
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Clothes that tell stories

"Anguè Anguè lost in the Funfair"

AW 2020


This autumn Anguè Anguè gets lost in the funfair. In this new tale, we’ll go for a fun ride on bumper cars, lovely little horses and a friendly lion. We’ll also get to taste delicious candy apples and cotton candy. Children can dress up in prints and embroideries depicting their favourite fun fair rides and sweets. And they’ll learn the story behind the pictures. The prints and embroideries are all specially designed. Some even have fluorescent touches that glow in the dark like the headlights of crash cars. The warm, attractive colours of the collection transport us to a fantasy world. Shades of caramel, smoky pink, burgundy and light blue combine with a luminous beige. Almost all these colours are obtained through a process of garment dying with an organic dye that’s anti-peeling and anti-bobble. The fabrics we use are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. Warm and comfortable brushed plush, soft stiches, poplins and gingham. Details in Lurex yarn bring a touch of chic to the casual-style garments. Because children should be able to keep warm and comfortable while still looking fabulous. And, above all, they should be given the chance to daydream in "the clothes that tell stories".


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In Anguè Anguè we design and distribute high-quality garments for children aged 0 to 12. All our clothing is made in Barcelona.

In March 2016 we were awarded the PRENAMO National Award for Fashion and Business Excellence. We’re over the moon about it!

Your children’s imaginations will soar when they participate in the Anguè Anguè story by wearing garments with our exclusive illustrations.

Clothes That Tell Stories

Anguè Anguè is a baby and the hero of all our stories, written and illustrated by designer Anna Aromir for each new season. His name comes from the fact that in each collection he gets lost somewhere and starts crying “anguè anguè…” Here at Anguè Anguè we like clothes with a story behind them. A fantasy-filled tale to stir children’s imaginations… Would you like to read the whole story? You can find it in our online store. Explore the world of Anguè Anguè!!