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100% Made in BCN
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100% Sustainable Fashion
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100% Organic Cotton
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Clothes that tell stories
Our values

The Story

Anguè Anguè is a baby and the hero of all our stories, written and illustrated by designer Anna Aromir for each new season. His name comes from the fact that in each collection he gets lost somewhere and starts crying “anguè anguè…”

Exclusive Illustrations

Each exclusive illustration is printed or embroidered on the garments in the collection. The illustrations give children the chance to live out the exciting story behind every piece of clothing.

Organic Cotton

To make sure allergies are never a problem, Anguè Anguè always uses the best organic cotton (from our country’s local industries). Our organic cotton is totally non-toxic and gentle on the skin. It looks after your children while looking after the environment.

Km 0 - Made in Barcelona

We produce our clothes in and around our home province of Barcelona. By keeping it local we can maintain tight control over the production process, carefully tending to each tiny detail of our garments.


We want children to feel comfortable when they wear our clothing. The soft, natural materials are designed and made to enable kids to run, jump and play… while still looking adorable.

Sustainable Fashion

We love nature. We’re inspired by it. That’s why we respect the environment by using natural materials and producing our clothes in local factories.

Ethical Fashion

Our Barcelona factories provide excellent conditions for the men and women who work in them. Our employees are happy to be working in what they love.


We want to inspire boys and girls all over the world to dream. And their mums and dads too. We want kids to experience the exciting stories that are printed or embroidered on the clothes they wear. Long live the child inside us all!

Anguè Anguè by Anna Aromir, Our Story

Anna Aromir worked for leading fashion companies for 14 years. Anguè Anguè came into existence shortly after Anna gave birth to her second child. The project started as a story she dreamed up while nursing her newborn... Next came the illustrations which she drew herself and which she soon began printing onto the clothes she made for her children... And the rest is history. Ten years later and we are as passionate about the project as ever. Each collection brings an original story and brand-new garments to stimulate the imaginations of the little – and not so little – ones.