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Anguè Anguè lost in the Enchanted Garden
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Clothes that tell stories
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100% Organic Cotton, 100% Sustainable Production
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Anguè Anguè lost in the Enchanted Garden
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Exclusive illustrations from Anna Aromir
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100% Made in BCN

"Anguè Anguè Lost In The Enchanted Garden"
SS 2018

In this new tale, we’ll be charmed by animals like the beautiful black cat, the fireflies that light up the dark, and the colourful little fish in the pond, as well as flora like the lush ivy that crawls up the garden wall. And of course, it wouldn’t be an enchanted garden without ghosts. But fear not: these are good ghosts. Fun phantoms who just want to play. Boys and girls will love to dress in clothes decorated with these animals while learning the story behind each of them. We’ll be transported into the enchanted garden by the collection’s stylish colours: the green of the pond and plants, the strawberry pink and royal blue of the flowers. These vivid colours will be complemented by a luminous beige. The fabrics include plain dots, popelines and organic cotton voiles: all natural and ecological materials that provide quality and convenience. Your kids will be able to play happily and comfortably while looking wonderful.


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In Anguè Anguè we design and distribute high-quality garments for children aged 0 to 12. All our clothing is made in Barcelona.

In March 2016 we were awarded the PRENAMO National Award for Fashion and Business Excellence. We’re over the moon about it!

Your children’s imaginations will soar when they participate in the Anguè Anguè story by wearing garments with our exclusive illustrations.

Clothes that tell stories

Anguè Anguè is a baby and the hero of all our stories, written and illustrated by designer Anna Aromir for each new season. His name comes from the fact that in each collection he gets lost somewhere and starts crying “anguè anguè…” Here at Anguè Anguè we like clothes with a story behind them. A fantasy-filled tale to stir children’s imaginations… Would you like to read the whole story? You can find it in our online store. Explore the world of Anguè Anguè!!

"... Straight away one of them, the biggest of them all, approached the baby to console him. -Don’t cry, don’t be afraid, we’re not bad, we’re good ghosts."